Something New

     The world needs something new. It’s needs a business more focused on the people than on the profit. A company that makes a difference globally. It’s time for a business that helps the little guy have a big voice. One that constantly looks for “how do we make this better for the people involved?” Lastly, a company based on principles that have stood the tests of time.
     The good news is, It’s here. Finally a site by the people and for the people. An online hub for focused on growing every aspect of your life. We want out viewers and partners to proper in every aspect of life. I’ve found that when people are full, they don’t have a problem sharing the abundance of food with others. When people have a place that feeds the areas of their life starving for information, they will share it with people they know.
     We aren’t the stuffy, boring company. We are experience. We are exciting we interact with our people other than just studying your buying habits. We will change the image of business. If you are looking for a fun, interactive company, that gives people a voice, makes a global impact. Stay tuned. The future starts today.

Why cry

    Now before you call me insensitive, I understand that there are things that we have an emotional connection with that we will physically shed tears for. Absolutely. Whether that’s a family member passing, loosing friendships, or the begging 15 minutes of the movie “UP” there are going to be things that pull at your emotions and are completely understandable. When the waves of life come to knock over sandcastle type of situations what will crying really accomplish? The little boy was excited about his sand castle and a wave knocked it down. The little boy simple cried due to a lack of proper perspective. The child has absolutely zero understanding how insignificant his sandcastle will play a part for the rest of his life. If you are in High School listen carefully. There are things that are castles today will reveal themselves as sandcastles tomorrow. If it doesn’t matter in 5 years, then it doesn’t really matter. The second thing he did not realize is that sand castles are temporary. There is no long term expectation from a sandcastle. The same with many of our possessions or relationships. We must realize they were merely sandcastles. They were put into our life for a period of time for us to either get enjoyment from or to learn how to build from, but they never were created for long term use. Laid off from work? Did a friendship end? Did a relationship end? It could be a flat tire, temporary frustration, just an overall bad day? Why cry over sandcastles. You learned a skill, a craft, experience and understanding. You now know what you want or don’t want. You may have simply learned how to have faith and patience. But whatever it is you took from that situation you are crying about, understand that….It was only a sandcastle, and nothing more. The third and final thing to understand about a sandcastle is God also gets rid of the sandcastles because he has something better in store for you. You and I can easily look at the story and understand that the boy would eventually have to move on from the sandcastle and upgrade at different stages in his life. Maybe from Legos, to forts, to tree houses, to apartments, and then eventually into a home. The same works for you and I, but we have to be aware of what is happening. Understand that a wave knocked down this tree house so I can dust the dirt off myself and find some Legos. You will have to leave the things in your life that are unstable and easily destroyed and move on to things and people you can build with. That may mean a job with opportunity to grow, relationships that are fulfilling, friendships that make you grow, or activities that make you strive for greatness. All of which should be building your relationship with God. Realize when the tide rises on things that are the sandcastles of today, realize God has something greater in store if your just patient and faithful in the mean time.


Be You for a Purpose

The story of the burning bush is another fascinating story. Though I have heard it a million plus one times before, this last time I heard it, the Lord revived my senses so I was able to gather something fresh from it.

Most of the attention goes to Moses, but I want to focus on the bush itself. I was looking it up and there are varying ideas of what kind of bush it was in the desert, anything from a rubus sanctus, an acacia, or a creosote, and based on how I perceived what the bush would have looked like for it to have the effect it had, the creosote looks the most plausible, but again I am not certain. But, for my sake, let’s just say it is. ☺

creosoteb2This bush I doubt was a large or full as some other types suggest. I believed it was short-standing…

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The Gap: Is It You?

Be You for a Purpose

Are you the one?

gapBehind Jeremiah, Ezekiel has to be one of the most intriguing characters in Scripture. His words are so vivid and abstract, and his life was so abnormal, but what I can appreciate about Him is that no matter how crazy or weird a task, or harsh the words God gave him, obeyed. Nonetheless, though a lot of what he said was of judgment, almost right in the middle of the book, chapter 22, the Lord says to Ezekiel something very similar to what Mordecai told Esther.

“I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one.”


The awesome thing about this verse is that God is looking for someone. He is looking for you, the you that…

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Donkey Days

Be You for a Purpose

It’s okay to be an ass. Yes, you did read that correctly.donkey

There are some non-human characters in the Bible that are very intriguing, and one animal I find to be used for big assignments is the donkey. There are two Old Testament stories that stick out when I think of donkeys, and the first is Balaam’s donkey, the only animal in the Bible that spoke that God used to get turn back the heart of Balaam and keep him from doing something reckless. Then there was Saul’s donkey that got lost, nothing unusual, but it was on his path of searching for his donkey that he met Samuel who told him he would be king of Israel. Donkeys, though there is nothing extraordinary about them, they did what they were meant to do, and God did the extraordinary through them. Let me give you the greatest example.

I will…

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The Man with The Wooden Gun

Image Hi my name is Christopher Thompson. This is the story of the day I saw the man with the Wooden Gun.


While people watching, I saw a man of little size control any one who came into his way. He told the women they weren’t pretty. And told the men to do things to make fools of themselves for his enjoyment. He would tell the ambitious to give up hope. He would approach those with hope in their pockets; and make them turn their pockets inside out…He would see happy families, and make the father walk away from his wife and kids….He would whisper to the women, to undermine and belittle their husbands…I followed him as he caused friends to gossip about one another….He gathered a small group together and had them judge someone of a “lower class” openly to his face. Every person he approached, it was the same routine…He would raise the gun and make his Demands. Terrified for their lives, they saw no other choice but to obey his wishes. He’d go to hospitals and yell “There’s no hope…GIVE UP!” He would hide next to the homeless and when people would begin to reach for money to lend he would hop out, point the gun and yell,”Keep walking…nothing to see here. This has nothing to do with you.” Out of fear, the people would put the money back into their pockets and walk away quickly. He would do the same thing in churches with collection plates, “Money back in the pockets…You can barely afford to help yourself. How can you afford to help anyone else…Let the pastor figure it out on his own.” The man would make radio broadcasts encouraging violence and poverty and demanding everyone obey.I watched him walk into a school, round up the teachers and yell, “You teach these kids just enough to stay broke….If you see any signs of an over achiever-you bring that kid back to REALITY…GOT IT?……Oh and one more thing….No more pledges….And kids get expelled for saying the word God”   After making the demands he’d put the gun back under his shirt and walk away. There was a crowd around him in the park as he was “teaching” how to predict the end of the world and why we should all live in fear; and how the government is everywhere so stay guarded. While pointing his gun to someone asking an innocent question, “What does the bible say about this,” I could finally see that the gun he used was made of wood? Seeing this I said, “You’re kidding me right?” “Who dares speak while I’m speaking” he said.

Raising my hand with a sarcastic smile,”Uhhhhmmmmm I do. You’re pointing a toy gun making demands and people are scared of you? Seriously, you’re trying to control a city with props from Toy Story. (laughing at this point).” An onlooker asked “What do you mean fake gun”  Grabbing the gun from the little tyrant I explained “Other then possible splinters or bruises if he did try to hit you…this gun can do no real harm.” He reached for the gun so I simply held it over my head. Out of reach from the little guy… “So we’ve been controlled by an individual who cant even hurt us, this entire time?” another asked. “Trust me. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” At this, the people turned to their vertically-challenged dictator, they resisted him trying to negotiate being let go…So he fled for his life. “What do we do now” Said a voice from the crowd,”Well, my plan is to live abundantly…as for y’all I just want y’all to prosper.


Don’t let men with wooden guns control your life. Do not allow them to convince you of untruths. Face the wooden guns and realize there is nothing to fear.


Always with you

Chris T.


Fish Differently

ImageWhile listening to an audio book, the author got into the story of Peter going fishing. He talked about how Peter cast his net out into the water to fish. Note that everyone else was using what would now be considered fishing poles which is how you would fish mid-afternoon because the water is so warm that time of day, the fish are in the lower, cooler parts of the water. s not traditional to fish with nets in the afternoon, it wasn’t popular, nor was it cool. To be honest, Peter would have looked downright foolish and almost appear to be wasting his time. Plus, he knew better. So, from the outside looking in, Peter may have looked crazy to those around him. Knowing this, I’m sure Peter may have felt uncomfortable. The thing is, the only reason that he used a net is because Jesus told him to; that’s all he needed. Onlookers who do not have that relationship Jesus will think your methods are unorthodox, may find it strange, and may cast their nets of opinions on you only because they don’t understand. When Jesus tells you to do something, he has your best interest at heart. As a result of Peter listening, his nets were overflowing to the point that he had to ask other boats to help him. I have fished a lot in my life and I’ve never caught a fish big enough where I needed to call a boat for assistance. Ironically, when you have a big dream, maybe God is asking you to change your fishing technique to one that will allow you to haul in the catch of abundance he has for you.What’s comfortable may get you by but if the point is to catch fish (have a life of blessings and prosperity), why settle for a fish when God wants to give you the whole school of fish?

I’ve learned to cast my cares of other people’s opinions overboard right along with my net of faith when God calls me to do something. Dreams, like fish, come in all shapes and sizes so whatever tickles your fancy on what you’re fishing for, enjoy it. Just make sure you’re listening to God about how to fish and you will pull in an abundance of whatever your heart desires. Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and it will be open. Cast the net of faith and catch an overflow of God’s blessings.