You don’t have to Age a lot, just age enough

A lot of people focus on how much further they have To to. Never considering they may be one level away from their break through. Here’s a quick message to help give hope on the road to personal development.

Aging Gracefully

I know a common fear for many people is getting older. The thought of having life pass you by has captured the minds of many. I’ve found that it is not the fear of death that scares people. It’s the fear of never living. Taking it a step further it’s not just the fear of never living, but to have never found something that truly made you come alive. This video is a reminder to not simply increase in the number of years on earth. Increase in all areas of your life.

Aging Gracefully

Something New

     The world needs something new. It’s needs a business more focused on the people than on the profit. A company that makes a difference globally. It’s time for a business that helps the little guy have a big voice. One that constantly looks for “how do we make this better for the people involved?” Lastly, a company based on principles that have stood the tests of time.
     The good news is, It’s here. Finally a site by the people and for the people. An online hub for focused on growing every aspect of your life. We want out viewers and partners to proper in every aspect of life. I’ve found that when people are full, they don’t have a problem sharing the abundance of food with others. When people have a place that feeds the areas of their life starving for information, they will share it with people they know.
     We aren’t the stuffy, boring company. We are experience. We are exciting we interact with our people other than just studying your buying habits. We will change the image of business. If you are looking for a fun, interactive company, that gives people a voice, makes a global impact. Stay tuned. The future starts today.

Why cry

    Now before you call me insensitive, I understand that there are things that we have an emotional connection with that we will physically shed tears for. Absolutely. Whether that’s a family member passing, loosing friendships, or the begging 15 minutes of the movie “UP” there are going to be things that pull at your emotions and are completely understandable. When the waves of life come to knock over sandcastle type of situations what will crying really accomplish? The little boy was excited about his sand castle and a wave knocked it down. The little boy simple cried due to a lack of proper perspective. The child has absolutely zero understanding how insignificant his sandcastle will play a part for the rest of his life. If you are in High School listen carefully. There are things that are castles today will reveal themselves as sandcastles tomorrow. If it doesn’t matter in 5 years, then it doesn’t really matter. The second thing he did not realize is that sand castles are temporary. There is no long term expectation from a sandcastle. The same with many of our possessions or relationships. We must realize they were merely sandcastles. They were put into our life for a period of time for us to either get enjoyment from or to learn how to build from, but they never were created for long term use. Laid off from work? Did a friendship end? Did a relationship end? It could be a flat tire, temporary frustration, just an overall bad day? Why cry over sandcastles. You learned a skill, a craft, experience and understanding. You now know what you want or don’t want. You may have simply learned how to have faith and patience. But whatever it is you took from that situation you are crying about, understand that….It was only a sandcastle, and nothing more. The third and final thing to understand about a sandcastle is God also gets rid of the sandcastles because he has something better in store for you. You and I can easily look at the story and understand that the boy would eventually have to move on from the sandcastle and upgrade at different stages in his life. Maybe from Legos, to forts, to tree houses, to apartments, and then eventually into a home. The same works for you and I, but we have to be aware of what is happening. Understand that a wave knocked down this tree house so I can dust the dirt off myself and find some Legos. You will have to leave the things in your life that are unstable and easily destroyed and move on to things and people you can build with. That may mean a job with opportunity to grow, relationships that are fulfilling, friendships that make you grow, or activities that make you strive for greatness. All of which should be building your relationship with God. Realize when the tide rises on things that are the sandcastles of today, realize God has something greater in store if your just patient and faithful in the mean time.


Be You for a Purpose

The story of the burning bush is another fascinating story. Though I have heard it a million plus one times before, this last time I heard it, the Lord revived my senses so I was able to gather something fresh from it.

Most of the attention goes to Moses, but I want to focus on the bush itself. I was looking it up and there are varying ideas of what kind of bush it was in the desert, anything from a rubus sanctus, an acacia, or a creosote, and based on how I perceived what the bush would have looked like for it to have the effect it had, the creosote looks the most plausible, but again I am not certain. But, for my sake, let’s just say it is. ☺

creosoteb2This bush I doubt was a large or full as some other types suggest. I believed it was short-standing…

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The Gap: Is It You?

Be You for a Purpose

Are you the one?

gapBehind Jeremiah, Ezekiel has to be one of the most intriguing characters in Scripture. His words are so vivid and abstract, and his life was so abnormal, but what I can appreciate about Him is that no matter how crazy or weird a task, or harsh the words God gave him, obeyed. Nonetheless, though a lot of what he said was of judgment, almost right in the middle of the book, chapter 22, the Lord says to Ezekiel something very similar to what Mordecai told Esther.

“I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one.”


The awesome thing about this verse is that God is looking for someone. He is looking for you, the you that…

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