The reward of Resistance….A positive outlook of struggles.

I want to start this by saying I sincerely hope it reaches every individual with a dream, every person with a naysayer, and every person who has complained in the past 24 hours :).
Recently I wrote a post called “why not smile” where it talks about “every situation you’ve ever been in you’ve come out ok”. It made me think more into the subject. I think the problem with “tough times” is that people never look at the lessons you learn from them until years later. Guilty of this myself, I feel most people quickly resort to asking “why me” instead of asking “what’s the lesson. I’ve realized in life you’ll never reach the best version of yourself while holding on the old version… maintaining a stronghold in your comfort zone never allowed anyone to reach true success. If Michael Jordan wouldn’t have been cut from the team as a freshman, he wouldn’t have developed the want to be the absolute best in the NBA. He may have made the team the next year, may have played college ball but the Desire to become the absolute best came from a time in his life when he didn’t get his way. Have your (temporary) circumstances enable you to become a better version of yourself. You will never reach the next level in anything without having passed a few tests. The test is going to come. I promise you they will. So why not get good at understanding the curriculum. Life is going to test your faith, endurance, confidence, and mental toughness. If you have a dream, or want to accomplish anything in life of substance these 4 categories you WILL be tested (will elaborate on those on another post).  Take time to analyze and learn from your experiences or the experiences of others.

Take time to analyze and learn from your experiences or the experiences of others. You will have shallow relationships…developed ones of depth…There will be people who won’t appreciate you….but it’s to make you appreciate those who will…When large things go wrong…it’s to make you emotional stable during the small things, so that not every mole hill is a mountain in your life (saves you stress), family situations will happen…so that you never lose sight of how important your family is.
Take time to look at life. Learn from life and learn life. Stay blessed…love y’all


Why not smile

Why not smile? Chances are things arent as bad as they (momentarily) appear. One thing that helped me realize this was even when thing seemed to be at their worst I survived. People every bad situation youve ever been in youve pulled through, and chances are youll make it through the next one. Stressing and being worried is a waste of time and energy. And you cant get your time back. “Worrying is walking around everwhere with an umbrella open waiting for the few days it rains”.
But if we look at Matthew 6:26 the bible tells us not to worry…if god provides for the birds..he’ll provide for you too. Smile because yo have the health and ability to fix everything within your control..and everything thats not in your control is is Gods hands…smile more..worry less stay blessed and Grow yall

Average of 5

A lot of yall have heard “you are the average (not the top) of the 5 people you associate with the most. And it doesnt wake people up bc we all see our 5 as “good people”(which they very well may be). But things like you will have the average of the relationships of your 5 closest (even if you dont cheat but surround yourself with cheaters that influences you)…or you are the emotional average…if your house (your life) was based on the financial stability of your friends…would be a mansion of bricks…or a hut made of cards..? Grow yourself and associate with people who do the same..and life a life above average.

Thats just how I am

“Thats just how I am” the polite way of telling someone they arent worth your effort for change. Who you are/how you act is basef on your habits and your influences. If you have a character flaw (which we all do) simply choose to improve it. Be a victor not a victim to your emotional cicumstance. 21days in a row to create a new habbit thatll make you a better version of you makes more sense then unhappy with a version youve settled can make excuses or you can make effort….but only  one of the two fixes the blessed..

Todays a good day

Today is a great day to be more then you were yesterday. Today is a great to compliment more, read something new, be healthier, Ect. Today is a great day to eliminate at least one of the usual excuses that keeps you average. 21days of this will create a habit of growth…and a habit of growth will change lives…make today the day you start towards a better y’all ..have a blessed day

Minds of the Ambitious

Please share because this seems to be something lacking today …the backbone to stand up to naysayers.
“Never let the opinions of the ignorant, sway the minds of the ambitious”.. there will be people who let their mouths speak without consulting with their mind first, and give uneducated advice (that is only their opinion) and speak it like its fact. “if you have a dream, or something you want go get it…period”…your going to find 100s of people in life ready to give their 2cents in life …and most the time its worth less then that…You should never….ever let the doubt and fear of one mans heart control the confidence and faith of your own…believe in yourself and if you have a dream…GO GET IT…