Minds of the Ambitious

Please share because this seems to be something lacking today …the backbone to stand up to naysayers.
“Never let the opinions of the ignorant, sway the minds of the ambitious”.. there will be people who let their mouths speak without consulting with their mind first, and give uneducated advice (that is only their opinion) and speak it like its fact. “if you have a dream, or something you want go get it…period”…your going to find 100s of people in life ready to give their 2cents in life …and most the time its worth less then that…You should never….ever let the doubt and fear of one mans heart control the confidence and faith of your own…believe in yourself and if you have a dream…GO GET IT…


2 comments on “Minds of the Ambitious

  1. This was awesome! That’s right. We need to protect our dreams and check people when they speak negative energy over them. I had a professor say to me “if you make it through this program…” i QUICKLY corrected her and said you mean WHEN I graduate from this program….Might I add she referenced this moment the other day and gave me kudos for maintaining a 4.0 still. When we put in work we can’t allow people to take our glory away or offend God by thinking there is something we can’t do.

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