In the game,On the bench, or In the Stands… Whats your Position in the Game of Life

game of life


I think the first thing to address is that if your in the stands, it means that you haven’t decided to step out of the crowd. There are many reasons people choose to stay here. Some people would rather fit in, then stand out. Others would rather comfortably watch the game then to do the work to be in it. It takes very little work to be in the crowd. I feel that most also realize that its safer in the crown. There is no chance of injury (pride, ego, fear of failure, ect). There’s a lot of familiarity in the stands as well. Chances are you will be sitting next to friends or family, coworkers and other people that you are comfortable with. So for the individuals in the stands they simply don’t have to drive to leave this position.


Congratulations for choosing to at least get out of the crowd. You have decided to be different. Typically for bench players. You’ve atleast thought about what you want in life and are conscious on your effort. You come to practice everyday like those who are usually in the game but there are a few things that separate you from those who are typically in the game. In this position you’ll do enough work to be on the team but not enough to be a Franchise player. You haven’t developed the drive to pursue your goal/dream/passion with your whole heart. Your practice schedule is based on convenient pursuit.  You wont spend the extra hours harnessing your craft, paying attention to details, getting up early, staying up late prioritizing your priority. Your operating on anywhere between a 65-80% conviction rate where you know this is what you want to do in life (and it shows).You’ll sacrifice to an extent (you come to practice, work, gym, whatever it is for you) but your goal isn’t your non-negotiable. Things are still getting prioritized over your dream.

In The Game

You are an elite group. Not because you are better then anyone, but because you have done the work with enough faith, determination and tenacity to get there. Not Many people go after their Dreams or passions with this type of focus.  Those who are in the Game of life, have goals, usually written down somewhere short term as well as long term. Your Dream gives you energy. It has gone from your head (do I like this) to your heart ( I love what I do). And the passion exudes from you. The same thing that you wake up early for is the same thing you’ll lose sleep over. You don’t mind inconveniencing yourself to accomplish your vision. Your not swayed by those who told you that you couldn’t be able to accomplish something. In fact you used the Naysayers as motivation to get you there. These are the ones who show up early and leave late. They grow themselves, they train, they learn more on the topic, they practice practice practice and then they practice some more. You Understand that in order to accomplish dreams your going to have to sacrifice what you want now for what you want most. Success will never be built on convenience.

No matter where you are in the game of life if you want to for from the stand to the field, all it takes is effort. There was a time where even Michael Jordan was watching from the stands. As someone who has gone from watching to playing. There is absolutely nothing like it and I encourage all of you to get in the game. Love yall, stay blessed and grow yourself.


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