What if…

 What if there were sign for your happiness. What if there were clues for your purpose.signs for your relationships. If could show you there’s force that doesn’t want you to realize what your capable of would you take time listen or would you continue to ignore the signs placed in front of you. It is my belief the life is made more complicated because while most people navigate the road of life they miss the road signs of happiness because they are focused on their own problems. So to help I propose looking at three aspects of life and asking yourself “what if” these were signs.

First aspect I ask you to look at is your purpose of being here. We are all born with the seeds of greatness inside of us and I feel it is extremely difficult for that seed to germinate under florescent lighting and in a cubicle. Personal opinion aside though. What if there were signs? What if the feeling you got when you have to wake up to pursue someone else’s dream was something trying to tell you that you should be pursuing your own. What if that same energy you get when you are leaving work or on a Friday, was a sign of the energy your suppose to have throughout life when your pursuing your passion. What if that smile and glow that the “lucky ones who made it” have, was there to show you the glow your suppose to have when your doing what you were made to do? 3 John 1:2 says “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” So if your not what happy and prospering, what if its because your not pursing your not fulfilling your duty. What if there were people put into your life that are waiting for you to decide to pursue your dreams so they can help you become great, yet they are standing right outside of the place that has become your comfort zone. What if they were even guaranteed to be there but it was up to you to get out of your own way and step out on faith to find them? What if? 

Secondly I think looking at relationships is another place that I feel clues are left for those who take the time to pay attention. My personal opinion is that most people get caught up in the great area that blankets relationships/friendships and it is in this simple action that people conduct their own symphony of stress and misery. What if you looked at friendships by a simple filtering process “Are the a plus or a minus to my life” or “are they a helping me accomplish my goals or taking me away from my goals” (any filter question is fine the point is to put this person on one side of the fence or the other). Psalm 133 says “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!”. Not how stressful. So what if the constant bickering, the drama, the fear, the games ect, what if all that was signs that these people shouldn’t be involved in your life, either as much or at all. What if the repeat conflicts that saturate a relationship was a messaging saying “you will continue to have these problems until you realize im trying to tell you this person doesn’t belong in your life (this much/at all)”.If and just saying If you used this filtering and knew this was going on would you allow the life leeches to continue to suck you dry or would you leave the stagnant pool of that friendship?

Lastly and this is going to stretch a lot of y’all so I need you to pay close attention to this one. What if there was a force/adversary/power (whatever you wanna call the devil…to fill in the blank go right ahead). What if he didn’t want you to accomplish your purpose? What if he was afraid of men and women knowing their actual value, because if they knew their value they would not allow themselves to live a certain way. What if he knew that if we recognized that we are sons and daughters of a king, that we had the power to change lives, that it would take away from the chaos he wanted to create. What if he knew these things so he went above and beyond to distract us. What if he used fear? what if he used guilt? What if he used familiar faces? What if he knew that he could use family and friends to distract you from your goals and use guilt to hold you back because if you went focused on what you really wanted, you would impact millions? What if he used those around you to say things or do things to occupy enough space in your mind that it trumps that part that would be focusing on your goals? What if the reason “something comes up” every time you make up your mind to make yourself better, its because he wants to keep you down, yet if you stopped allowing yourself to be weak (sorry just honest) you could overcome whatever he put in front of you and go on to be great? What if he banned talking about these things in businesses and schools because he knew people were lazy and the only way to find out these truths would be to go out of their way and find it in books, bc he knew majority of the population would never do it? What if?

What if we all have a choice? What if we all chose to step up and play the game of life at a higher level? What if we let go of fear? what if we let go of anger? What if we let go of guilt? How great could we be? What if more people started paying attention to the signs in front of them. What if you lived a life outside of your comfort zone, and chose to change lives or at least pursue your dreams. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” What if he was telling the truth? What if?



6 comments on “What if…

  1. this is so great…really have me thing and motivated at the same time…im blessed by reading this…so its time to put it into action, thanks self growth.

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