Just my thoughts….

dont judge me for the things..im..wait what am i sayin…idc if you judge or not.lol these are just my thoughts, right, wrong, good, bad, whatever…

1.KNOW that as people we complain entirely too much.we are ALIVE, we have electricity, health, food…we should be enjoying life instead of filling out facebook statuses with everything that is wrong with us.Negativity spreads quickly and when we post it and constantly talk about it we have turned it into an epidemic.If you have negativity, keep it to yourself.I understand that if your going thru things that sometimes we need to vent.But to buredn the world with everybad thing that we have in our life is selfish.It has gotten to the point where when you go to a friends page youll see more negative then positive on their page and theres no possible way that things could be going that bad for these people.

2.KNOW and understand the power of positivity.Uderstand that when you talk about positive uplifting topics, people respond more and are more cheerful.YOU can brighten someone elses day simply by posting/spreading positive information or words of encouragement. “things arent always as bad as they seem” will help so many more people then “FML”

3.KNOW that you control your “luck”.Have you ever noticed that “lucky” things happen to “positive people” and negative people seem to be bombarded with misfortune?its because they have pre-determind their on future.you have so SPEAK WORDS OF POSITIVITY.if someone asks how your day is, do not say “terrible or things cant get anyworse”,predict that you will have a positive future “ok now, but things are going to get better” “not as smooth as id like, but im staying positive” that simple difference will give faith to others whenver they are in tough situations, they will follow your lead and keep a positive mentality.

4.KNOW that people are watching you. know that people notice what you write,what you say, how you carry yourself, the company you keep.PEOPLE WATCH JUDGE AND TALK, about almost everything that you do (we normally call them haters, but they are a part of life (and should be appreciated because that means that you are doing something worth talking about)). Since people are watching you, it leads to the question…HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE VIEWED?what do you want people to say about you..Do you want people to think your a negative person,a fun person,a leader, a follower, a person who didnt live up to their potential?

5.KNOW that you WILL BE JUDGED BY THE COMPANY YOU KEEP.no matter what kind of person you are, you could be a well spoken person who makes good grades and goes to chuch 6days a week, if you surround your self with “dirty people” or people who ….how do i say this…ok..if you couldnt look your pastor in the eye with confidence when you introduced them to this person/these people, then you might want to limit the amount of time you spend with these people.Try to surround yourslef with people who are going to challenge you, push you to be better, make you stive for greatness. great quote “do not stay grounded with turkeys, when you can bo soaring with eagles”. Dont cheat yourslef in life. aim for something more.

6.KNOW the importance of dreaming…yes dreaming…you dont have to be sleep to do this.but if you ever want to have any type of goal, your going to have to dream. and dont just dream,DREAM BIG. Strive for something more.”IF you try for the the dreams 4times the size of everyone else, even if you only get halfway there, you’ll still be TWO TIMES MORE SUCCESSFUL”


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