Whats the Quality of your time???

Friends –  Are you spending time with people who grow you. Are you spending time with people who stretch you. Do you have people in your life further ahead then you in certain areas that motivate you to improve to get on their level? I’ve heard John Maxwell say “If your the smartest person in the room, then your in the wrong room”. Spend time with people (positively) outside of your comfort zone who push you to do more. How deep are the conversations? Are they the same mundane conversations all the time? If they are, its not necessarily a bad thing, but also know that you trade off time from the routine conversation, and utilize that time towards your dream, because you know you can always come back to have the same conversation. One thing about complacency/familiarity is never to far from the comfort zone and that’s never too far from the last place you saw it. Average conversations are in abundance and available at anytime. Its ok to be selfish with your time to pursue relationships that will move you forward. REAL FRIENDS will understand. (Note) They don’t have to have the same dream, as long as they are supportive.Dedicate time towards getting around successful (not just money wise. I mean quality of life) people. Ask people their goals. Here’s a truthful statement about friendship that you might not like ” Your are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with the most. Your paths will be similar. So if your friends have goals of never accomplishing anything, and living with no dreams….guess what your future will be something similar”. There’s nothing wrong with having QUALIFIED RELATIONSHIPS. Not everyone who says “hi” to you has to be your friend (be nice, but they yall don’t have to get BFF tattoos). Protect your personal circle like your future depends on it…… Because it does.

Relationships- Now this first one piggy backs with friendships as well because it is important for all relationships (friendships/dating/spouse). SHOW APPRECIATION. So vital to a relationship. Please show appreciation to the people who are important to you. Say thank you, tell them what you appreciate, notice the small things. “The smallest gestures make the biggest impact.” I recommend taking time to read “5 love languages”, because the way people acknowledge receiving appreciation is different. Secondly still piggy backing off friendship as well is having patience, trust, confidence. If they don’t have those three qualities you are signing yourself up for headache and heart break. Here’s why. Without trust (in your or themselves) they will wear down your patience. Without patience they wont take the time to consider trusting situations, or wont have the patience for necessary growth (for themselves or you). And without confidence they will need reassurance in every situation, and this will limit the amount of trust they have for you, which means…UNNECESSARY discussions, explanations,  possibly even arguments. Also 5,10, and long term goals are important here as well since this is possibly who your spending your life with. One tip Write out 50 characteristics your looking for in a spouse. They may not have all 50 but you’ll realize what your looking for, what’s important, and most importantly WHAT NOT TO WASTE TIME ON. lastly communicate with the person your in a relationship with. Because contrary to popular beliefs…They are not mind readers….Fellas…tell her how you feel…Ladies (depending on the guy)…not as much…reason being. Men want respect more then they want love…So you saying it without showing it (with respect) is wasting time.

Family – Love your family they are the only one you will have. Make time for your family they are the only one you will have. Make memories with your family, because there may be a time where that’s what you have. Realize the importance of family. They will make mistakes, but give grace the same way you would want them to have grace for you. Know that friends will come and go but family (the way they should be) will always be there. Uplift family, Support family (doesn’t always have to be a hand out…can just be a hand up). Love your family. Help your family progress along. If you didn’t do anything that will move 2 generations of your family further then where you started. You were selfish and wasted your time with your family. Lastly always let your family know their importance, that they have priority, that you love them unconditionally, because they are your family and they are the only one you have.

Love yall, Grow yourself, stay blessed.


One comment on “Whats the Quality of your time???

  1. These are awesome observations. What I’ve learned while walking is that most times when relationships (friend, family, or romantic) fail it typically over the fact that someone didn’t respond the way that someone desired. Girlfriends want to give their men flack because he didn’t respond to a situation the way she wanted him to. Hence, why I love how you emphasize the focus of knowing what you want, recognizing the quality, and act accordingly. Every relationship should be properly assessed to determine its value. This keeps us on track to capturing what God wants us to have. Awesome insight.

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