To Selfish to be Ambitious….How your Grades Bring down the Classes Average


Lets say you are in a class room of your peers and there is a pop quiz. Test results come back, most of the class received. C-‘s, you however got a D+, how do you feel? Lets flip lets say everyone else received D+’s and you received a C-, now how do you feel. Now lets say the rest of your class received A’s and now you received that same C-, how do you feel? Like any student who takes pride in his or herself you would do what is necessary so that the next test your test scores were similar to your classmates. You would study, you would stay after school, you would find a teachers aid, some might even resort to next test day sitting either beside or behind and to the left of the smartest kid in that class. Point being your work habit would increase so to not be left behind or looked down upon. Its fascinating how the results of the class determine the perspective of the student. How even in a room of grades that scrape by (which you realize subconsciously) as long as you did better then the rest, we will still feel like achievers. Yet immediately when others succeed it automatically raises the level of personal expectation. I say that to say this, there is no such thing as “Neutrally Average”. It does not exist. It is an oxymoron. There are people who feel that their choosing to be average has no effect on the rest of society. Why? Because its “their life”. True, but you are apart of a class. You are single fish in a school of fish. Your neutrality is you swimming away from the group and when you get eaten by life the rest of us are left to deal with the sharks of mediocrity, and sadly many of us don’t make it. But lets ignore the fact that it effects your peers. Lets forget that others wont feel the urge to strive for greatness, lets pretend that your classmates won’t start jogging through their days instead of sprinting towards their future, we will act like iron doesn’t need to sharpen iron…lets settle for butter knife on butter knife.. Lets put aside the fact the lack of effort of some (doesn’t matter if you will admit it or not) will always bring down the GPA of the rest of the class. What about the younger class. What about your kids (and if you don’t have them, your future kids, nieces or nephews). What are you teaching them. I watched a video where a man said “In the past 60 years there has not been a male figure graduate from high school. Son I need you to take your senior year serious.” He then said this “I went on to get my Ph D because I knew if I did that my son would have to at least have to graduate high school”. You see your efforts now in class (life) make a difference in these hallways. It may not win the popularity contest, you may not be prom king, but your name will forever be in those year book. How will you be remembered? Class clown, lazy, had potential, slacker? Or will you be remembered as a leader, a joy in class, someone who always had a smile, who gave the effort. Your peers evaluate your study habits, they watch your work ethic. When you participate in class, it gives them the ok to do the same. Why? Because one of their peers is doing it. When you choose to start showing up and applying yourself in class, yeah you get good grades, yeah it feels good, But the class is better because of what you started. I ask all of ya’ll to start applying yourself in class. Love ya’ll, stay blessed, and Grow yourself.


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