Precaution doesn’t always make you prepared…life without a helmet.


Knee pads…check…
Elbow pads…check…
First aid kit….check
Complete evaluation of the bike….check
Ready for the ride of life………………

And here lies the problem. I think that there is a serious lack of a sense of adventure nowadays. John Maxwell asks the question”when was the last time you tried something for the first time?” How many of you paused right there and honestly couldn’t remember? When was the last time you left a foot print outside of the lines of your comfort zone? Sad to say, most people are use to a groundhogs day approach where every day repeats itself and only thing that changes is the dates and the wrinkles. What keeps someone a voluntary prisoner,restrained by mentally made shackles? Is it fear? Is it a lack of confidence? Whatever it is, it’s leaving many people with a false sense of security, believing in an illusion that “if I play it safe,nothing will go wrong.” This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Hate to break it to some of y’all but, life will happen good or bad, regardless of how much you plan, how much you analyze and how much you try to prepare. You make it easier for life to bully you. If you think about it, you make yourself predictable, over cautious, and won’t fight back? Your a perfect candidate for a swirly! I’m not asking you to go out being a rambunctious cowboy about life. But there has to be some times where you live a little.Life is a major league picture who’s made a career on throwing curve balls. You can either cry about the call, or have fun swinging away. Life is going to hit you, but I’d rather get hit running full force, then to be standing still and get blind sided. For those those wanting to live an average life, I’m just saying spice it up. For those who want more, be willing to pursue your dream with reckless abandonment. Your not deep enough in the seas of life if your still able to see the beach. You can plan all you want to. Get the safest helmet, knee and elbow pads, have mommy and daddy sweep the side walk, even see if the groud is level. But you can’t predict what the chain of life will do, doesn’t mean you should miss out on the ride though. You only get one time on this earth, why not live it with a smile and making memories. Love y’all, stay blessed, and Grow yourself.


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