10 Tips For Life

Faith/Positive mental Attitude– No matter what your religious belief is. In life, you have to have faith that things will improve, things with turn out right, and that everything will be ok. otherwise. Simply having faith prevents your mind from turning life’s speed bumps into mental mountains. A positive mental attitude is usually formed from faith. But your positive mental attitude is what tells you “that wasn’t so bad” or “I made it and I’m stronger because of it”. You will attract to you the things you think about, that can either be a positive world or a negative one.

2. You wont be able to please everyone – The easier waste to run yourself ragged, is to try to please everyone. If your too bold, people will call you rude, if your too quite you’ll be called a pushover. So if their going to judge you anyways and be unhappy despite your efforts, be you and have fun. The ones that are meant to be with you will walk with you, the ones that aren’t, wont.

3.Its nobody else’s fault –  You are where you are in life because of your own actions, thoughts, and beliefs. You may have had negative influences, relationships ect. Here’s the thing though, not overcoming that and moving on with your life to become a better you doesn’t hurt anybody else, it only limits you. Its never a lack of money its a lack of thought process, and if you think your situation is so bad, there are a number of motivational videos, and books from people with similar or worst situations that chose to pick THEMSELVES up.

4.You can make progress or excuses, but you cant make both – This ones pretty self explanatory. But what I want you to think about and ask yourself is “when things go wrong do I spend more time complaining about the problem, or evaluating a way for a solution?” Most people spend all day complaining over an issue that they could have come up with a solution for in 10 minutes. Which way to you spend your time. The best way to resolve this is to eliminate grey area from your life, take responsibility, and address situations. Time will pass either way, its just one way is actually productive.

5.If you want it, give it– If you want something from the world first you have to give it. I know this is contrary to what most people are taught and believe, but this is the way of the world. If you want money, your going to have to learn to give some of it away (sew the seed you want to reap). If you want real friends? You have to be one to someone else first. You want love, loyalty, companionship, good deeds, ect…Sew it….Everything you want, you have in a bag inside of you that you can plant anytime any where. and your harvest will come up. Problem is most people want the harvest without planting the seed, and that’s like saying “fire give me heat, and when your nice and warm ill add some logs”.

6.Smile – Smile for yourself because as soon as your smile, your body triggers something in your mind that says “dude things are ok…look were smiling” and your body becomes relaxed. Even if its just a little bit that can make a world of difference. Like right now you have a current mood. Wherever you are, smile…don’t worry ill wait….you instantly start to feel better. This also give you a warm presence about yourself that attracts people to you. Now, don’t walk around creeper smiling at people but if you have a nice normal smile, you will feel better about yourself and people will be drawn to you. Also your smile my be the sunshine of somebody else’s rainy day. And remember what was said about planting the seed. It may be on your bad day that someone’s smile turns your whole day around.

7.The little things are the big things – With relationships of all kinds, do the small things for people. Small acts of random kindness have the biggest effect on people. Give a compliment, hold the door, notice a change, ect. There are many people walking around who don’t have anyone else to do that for them, and you can be that person.

8.Have meaningful qualified friendships with likeminded people – If you want to have real friendships. Make your friends qualify for them. Not everybody you shake hands with is meant to be your friend. You can be nice, you can be polite, but if your going to be a life leech, I’m going to turn salty.Its not rude, its not snobby, its not anything like that, its the confidence that you bring something to the table, and time is valuable. People will bring you in whatever direction they are going in, so you have to make sure its in the same direction you want to go. Find people who are going the same direction in you in life and push each other to go further.

9.Bring something to the table, if you wanna join the feast  – I respect your time, and I also respect my own. I promise to better myself, feel a need, give, add value to, serve, compliment, grow, ect, I will be there every time you need me, I will be reliable, I will be honest, I will tell you that thing you need to hear (with love) sometimes you don’t want to hear it, I am willing to give the shirt off of my back and will do everything in my power to help your dreams come true….now…What do YOU bring to the table. (I actually dare some of yall to have that conversation with a close friend and watch what they say). If you are bringing food (value) to the table and they cant even bring a cup? They gotta go.

10.Fill a void and make a friend – There are people out there right now that if you want to qualify for their world, All you have to do is pay attention. People all have certain needs, and if you can fill that need for them you become priceless, you will have people who you would dream to be around, requesting time around you just because they want that need in their life met. If its a real friend, if its positivity, if its to feel like they can have fun, if its someone who notices the small things, whatever it is, pay attention to the things the people you care about/the relationships you want. Fill the need and gain a friend.


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