Dear Yesterday…


Dear yesterday,

There have been something’s on my mind for a while now, and there’s no easy way to say this. We’ve been in each others lives longer then I can remember. I remember this because you remind me of all the things that you haven’t forgot. Memory after memory has been filled with you. You were all I knew and I guess that’s why I grew comfortable and complacent with you…bc you knew me. You knew my flaws, you knew my personality, you knew my sense of humor and you knew my temper…and loved and accepted me for it…Yesterday you can tell when I’m pretending to be ok in situations, because you know thousands of similar situations that you can rattle off at the drop of a dime…Bc you were always there… Always whenever I was at my lowest…who sat beside me and let me vent…you…Yesterday…When everyone else left…and even though ill admit I walked away from you…you always let me come back to you…and it was almost like time stood still, like nothing had changed with was just like old times…me….and Yesterday…I love you yesterday…and I write this with tears in my eyes because the same thing that keeps me comfortable has also kept me from becoming who I need to become…Yesterday although you’ve been every part of my past I’m afraid I have to leave you if I ever want to see greatness in my future…Stop….Don’t….Don’t cry yesterday…Its not…Its not like we haven’t felt this approaching for a while now…Its like you don’t listen yesterday, I’ve explained that I need to do some growing so I can actually be happy but all you ever do when I say that is tell me about how things use to  be in the good old days when it was just us…me…and yesterday…And I get that what we had was good, I understand we know everything about each other, but the fact that you don’t know how much it kills me inside to stay here, makes me feel that you don’t really know me…..Ill think about you yesterday…There will be times where Im out there…Somewhere beyond the distance of your touch and in the mists of everything ill wonder if your thinking of me too…yesterday…I loved you yesterday…From the bottom of my heart…Nobody knew me like you did…and unfortunately you knew that and used that only like you could….Yesterday….Good bye yesterday. I have to leave you. I cant keep getting reminded of where I came from, of how I was, of what I did, who my old friends were, how I use to talk, ect…and Yesterday…baby that’s all you ever talk about…I’ll never move forward to my dreams…getting pulled back to you like time last time…and the time before that…and the time before that..I use to always come back to you…Yesterday……I’ll miss you yesterday…I really will…You will always have a place in my heart yesterday. You’ve taught me so much…and I’ve learned from you and I’ve grown because if it…Thank you Yesterday…From the bottom of my heart….a place I can no longer let you call home…Take care of yourself Yesterday….We can no longer see each other.

With love,



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