Christians….Is This a Good Relationship

Not Judging anybody just an observation.


In this mind of mine.

In this mind of mine…..
Aint no need for goals…
No filtered conversation.
No importance of roles.
In this mind of mine
I dont want no standards…
Dont want nobody who respects
Got no time for manners
In this mind of mine
Please dont show me how I can be able
Im just tryna sit right down
Put my feet on yo table.
What they heck if food fa thought?
And who else is you cookin fo?
Relational qualifications?
Specific bout whatchu lookin fo?
Even at a distance im the one…
Who you should always say goodmorning boo….
I just want you in my wolrd..
Yeah the one you be conformin to…
In my mind yes I see it…
Your the best ive ever had..
Your brought ambition, faith and blessing…
And me? I brought the bag…

Your boo

On my walk

I let my mind take a walk. Outside of this small town called reality. Never understood why like it here..its chill not really entertaining…its tooo comfortable if you ask me… I started walking toward the big city of opportunity. Yeah its a long walk but most long roads have good stories that go with em….so I let my mind walk…watching as most of the towns people gather outside the social stores with the local news “reality tv” playing…I wonder if they even see me walking by…on second thought who cares…my mind walks a little further..towards the museum of things past..I slow down (but never stop to) look at some of the life manikins…one tries to smile I smirk at her shake my head and keep it moving…ive seen to many people get stuck there wastin time…cant be me…my mind walks a little further past the playground…odd place…buncha benjamin button type people…should be adults but act like kids…one minute they play together…next they fight and tattle…then they play again…one of those locations where you slow head tilt like confused puppies as you watch. They ask me to play, but I let them see I have my grow up pants on today so there will be no playing….they seem cute and it may seem fun but always ends same result.
..HEADACHE…I say by to the kiddies and keep going….right at the edge of town…I see my old crew…as them if they wanna come too…they say they cant…they mention something about stayin stagnate, the rest I fell asleep on but woke saying “its all good ill see yall soon”(knowin that I wont) but its cool bc theyll be right there if I ever come back to visit…same spot…same actitivity…as I start to leave town almost on que the winds change…”huh looks like rain” I think…good thing my mind came prepared for this cold world throw on the pea coat open the umbrella cant even feel a drop and whats better is I leave the town in style…I let my mind take a mind take a walk…nothing like some change in scenery.