You don’t have to Age a lot, just age enough

A lot of people focus on how much further they have To to. Never considering they may be one level away from their break through. Here’s a quick message to help give hope on the road to personal development.


The Man with The Wooden Gun

Image Hi my name is Christopher Thompson. This is the story of the day I saw the man with the Wooden Gun.


While people watching, I saw a man of little size control any one who came into his way. He told the women they weren’t pretty. And told the men to do things to make fools of themselves for his enjoyment. He would tell the ambitious to give up hope. He would approach those with hope in their pockets; and make them turn their pockets inside out…He would see happy families, and make the father walk away from his wife and kids….He would whisper to the women, to undermine and belittle their husbands…I followed him as he caused friends to gossip about one another….He gathered a small group together and had them judge someone of a “lower class” openly to his face. Every person he approached, it was the same routine…He would raise the gun and make his Demands. Terrified for their lives, they saw no other choice but to obey his wishes. He’d go to hospitals and yell “There’s no hope…GIVE UP!” He would hide next to the homeless and when people would begin to reach for money to lend he would hop out, point the gun and yell,”Keep walking…nothing to see here. This has nothing to do with you.” Out of fear, the people would put the money back into their pockets and walk away quickly. He would do the same thing in churches with collection plates, “Money back in the pockets…You can barely afford to help yourself. How can you afford to help anyone else…Let the pastor figure it out on his own.” The man would make radio broadcasts encouraging violence and poverty and demanding everyone obey.I watched him walk into a school, round up the teachers and yell, “You teach these kids just enough to stay broke….If you see any signs of an over achiever-you bring that kid back to REALITY…GOT IT?……Oh and one more thing….No more pledges….And kids get expelled for saying the word God”   After making the demands he’d put the gun back under his shirt and walk away. There was a crowd around him in the park as he was “teaching” how to predict the end of the world and why we should all live in fear; and how the government is everywhere so stay guarded. While pointing his gun to someone asking an innocent question, “What does the bible say about this,” I could finally see that the gun he used was made of wood? Seeing this I said, “You’re kidding me right?” “Who dares speak while I’m speaking” he said.

Raising my hand with a sarcastic smile,”Uhhhhmmmmm I do. You’re pointing a toy gun making demands and people are scared of you? Seriously, you’re trying to control a city with props from Toy Story. (laughing at this point).” An onlooker asked “What do you mean fake gun”  Grabbing the gun from the little tyrant I explained “Other then possible splinters or bruises if he did try to hit you…this gun can do no real harm.” He reached for the gun so I simply held it over my head. Out of reach from the little guy… “So we’ve been controlled by an individual who cant even hurt us, this entire time?” another asked. “Trust me. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” At this, the people turned to their vertically-challenged dictator, they resisted him trying to negotiate being let go…So he fled for his life. “What do we do now” Said a voice from the crowd,”Well, my plan is to live abundantly…as for y’all I just want y’all to prosper.


Don’t let men with wooden guns control your life. Do not allow them to convince you of untruths. Face the wooden guns and realize there is nothing to fear.


Always with you

Chris T.


The Island of Terrible Things

I wrote this as a Unique way of looking at society. I will admit it does have a childish feel to it, I do feel there is a lot of truth to this story. I hope you all enjoy it.

There is a place called the Island of terrible things. Not far from where you are now. It is a place where dreams come to chose their final resting ground. A desolate grey land in which every day repeats itself. There is no need for one to aspire here, because here on the island of terrible things, your tomorrows mirror your yesterday. You are waken up by an ear piercing sounds of the creature named “El Reloj”. The Reloj determines the lives of the natives on the island. The sounds of the Reloj wakes the navitives, determines how long you have to eat, sleep, even see your family. All of the natives fear the Reloj, because anytime the Reloj gets hungry it will consume the Natives in a moments notice.

     Also on the island there are no friendships. You see, on the island the streets and sidewalks are all partially flooded. Not by water but by a stream of a slimy substance that oozes through the streets, down from the hills of media mountain. What’s unique about this slime is it seeps into the pores of the Natives and controls the language and since media mountain produces very few valuable nutrients for their vocabulary and well being, the locals never learn how to handle proper relationships. But they do not fear for drowning, the water level stays very similar to the verbal content….shallow, and not enough to drown but just enough to be a nuisance.

Lastly on the island of terrible things you will notice there are no automobiles. The towns people have utilized a form of treadmill. The treadmill is slow and incapable of high speeds but it moves just enough so its owner knows there is movement, yet slow enough to prevent them to get there in a timely fashion. Unfortunately for the people of the island the treadmill was designed to keep its user occupied throughout the day enough so they feel they’ve been busy, while preventing them from every truly being productive in life. It also comes with a Tv that shows a face the yells and screams at the person driving the treadmill. He is call a “Ssob”. The Ssobs only purpose is to yell at the poor soul and tell him what he can and cant do. The Ssob’s and the Reloj have complete control over your life on the Island. The Ssobs are quite clever creatures. Every Friday they give the one on the treadmill a treat, that completely wipe’s his mind clean and the poor fool repeats himself every week for the rest of his life.

Now I know you want to feel bad for the people on the Island of Terrible things. Just doesn’t seem fair. The real tragedy of the story is all of the Natives are told exactly how to leave the island. You must pass through the squawking sea gulls of doubt, leaving comfort beach, and cross the sea of hard work, until you get to the Island of Prosperity. This island is just out of sight of Comfort beach so the natives don’t take the risk of working towards something that might not be there, others listen to the sea gulls and turn back. Sadly most of the people will spend their entire lives and die on the Island of terrible things. Simply because they will not do the work to get off the Island.